Kainar Academy Kainar Academy

050013, Almaty, Satbayeva st. 7A
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Kainar Academy is a renowned higher educational institution of Kazakhstan, which is included in the TOP-20 Higher Educational Institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan evaluated by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating. High position in the rating reflects the national prestige and professional level of the faculty of graduates. Kainar Academy is located in the business center of the southern and historical capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty. Campus is located in a picturesque place near foothills of the Ili-Alatau. Conditions for living and studying in the city can be called ideal, here one can feel the charm of antiquity combined with all the charms of modern city life. Campus includes a modern educational building, dormitories and sports facilities. Kainar Academy is based in the educational process on the most advanced ideas and scientific achievements. Kainar Academy tries to ensure that students were at the forefront of modern knowledge. Students are trained by well-known scientists of Kazakhstan, as well as near and far abroad. Academy has a modern educational and scientific base. Kainar Academy strives to ensure that graduates become leaders in their chosen fields of knowledge and benefit the country and society. Employment of graduates is more than 90%. Kainar Academy is one of the first universities in Independent Kazakhstan. Among the employees of the Academy are the most deserved teachers of Kazakhstan, enjoying well-deserved international authority in their fields of knowledge. From them, students learn how to put questions correctly. And they learn to look for answers. Teachers share with students the most advanced knowledge and ideas, will inspire and guide students in their studies. Students will learn to believe the theory in practice in the real world, expanding the horizons of knowledge and getting fascinating food for the mind.