Stenberg College, Centre for Art and Technology (CAT) Stenberg College, Centre for Art and Technology (CAT)

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 Stenberg College: 의료보건, 교육학, 간호학, 사회복지학 Stenberg College is committed to providing quality, industry-accredited education that is directly related to specific career paths. Over 95% of graduates are working in their field of study within 6 months of graduation. -졸업후 6개월 이내에 전공관련 분야로 취업률 96% -무료 ESL 및 학습과외 지원  Centre for Art and Technology: 에니메이션, 영화, 음악, 디지털 아트, 영상 디자인 기술전문대학 Centre for Arts and Technology (CAT) provides industry relevant and up-to-date training for today and tomorrow’s job market. We have every confidence in our programs and know that students who complete the highest-level Centre for Arts and Technology programs are job-ready. We stand behind our programs and to this end offer the following guarantee: Students who graduate from the highest-level of a program area and who have not found work in a “related industry” within 12 months of graduation, may return to take any other program of equal or lesser value offered at a Centre Campus for free. [Summer hands-on camp] 영어와 함께 미래의 직업관련 또는 전공을 체험 하므로서 숨겨진 당신의 재능과 열정을 발견 해 보세요.